Monday, April 16, 2012

Luvia, god of justice.

Since my campaign originated in HackMaster 4th edition I have had to convert some monsters, spells, magic items and dieities. This is my conversion of Luvia. This dieity is the intelctual property of Kenzerco and presented here without permission in the hopes you might enjoy adding it your C&C game. If you like this dieity his original write up in Dieities and Demi-Gawds is highly recomended. 


God of Justice, aka the blind god
Symbol, Balanced scale
Deity province; Justice, mercy, and endangered species.
Ceremony, Must wear a symbol of Luvia prominently. Must maintain a neat appearance. Clergy of Luvia act as judge for disputes every month.
Taboo, Never breaks a law. Never performs a dishonorable or evil act. Knights will not wear armor of lesser station then plate mail
Granted abilities, all worshipers receive +1 wisdom and charisma. Clerics and Paladins gain +2 to strike and damage against lawbreakers, criminals, convicts, and the dishonorable.

Luvia appears as normal man with a bandage covering his eyes. He dresses in simple robes. He is always accompanied by a pair of ravens; Mishap and Circumstance. The ravens act as his intermediaries. Carrying messages and commands, or watching over his followers.
Luvia teaches that any act of kindness, no matter how simple can pay great dividends. Luvia is fond of proverbial punishments. He likes polymorphing the judged into inanimate objects then destroying them in symbolic ways. (Turning a damned man to coal and putting him in a great furnace)
Luvia’s ring of alclairity. A ring that prevents its wearer from being influenced by out-side forces. This ring acts as protection from all mind effecting or altering effects. It only functions when the bearer sits in judgment in a lawful court.
Luvia’s Flask of mercy. This flask will pour forth whatever magical potion or concoction is needed to cure the patient whose lips it is brought to. The flask will function but once a day for any person.
In combat Luvia wields a special sword +7 holy reaver. When he departs the mortal plane it is always left behind. The sword will come to rest in a manner akin to the sword and stone. Luvia’s symbol will be etched into a ruby in the pommel if it was one of his blades.
Luvia’s avatar, Lawful good Paladin 20th HP 160 AC 24, Primes Str 25 Wis 28 Chr 25. Fights with his holy reaver. Can polymorph anyone he has judged at will to any form desired. Can create or summon mundane items at will.

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