Friday, April 6, 2012

Player involovement

It has been years since I have had a player that was truely involved with the game.  I touched on one such player in my last posting. Brian..Mark's little brother was involved with the world i presented. He took the game beyond mere rpg. His involvement with the world was such a fascinating thing. He breathed life back at the Game master. Usually its the GM trying to make it all seem alive for the players, but he helped make it alive for me too.

Excellent players like those are long cherished by GMs. I know i have very found memories of those players from over the years. Players who worked on their character out of the game. Players who drew up houses and made up family trees. I lament having players that involved. It seems now days they show up and expect me to just entertain them. Very little input of thier own. Oh they will fight with gusto and hate the villans. They will expect me to act like their characters have homes and families. Worse they expect me to draw those up.

Opps back to what i was really meaning to say...

Some of those special players have left me momentos of their effort. Most people kept their D&D characters. I know i dont have any old D&D characters from my friends. I do have EVERY SINGLE character ever created for my Gamma World games. The same holds true for my senior year super hero game of Villians and Vigilantes. I have all my players old sheets.

One player Chad made a list of supers and his opinions of them.. including nicknames and things to do when he encountered them. I still boggle at what he thought were tough villians and what he was afraid of.
He has foes listed as wimps that he should trash and forget...those were some of my toughest villians.
yet some of the weaker ones he had listed as run from.  I still laugh when i read this list so here it is.

Players like this make a GMing fun.

So my challenge to those who read this... make the game fun for the GM and you will be rewarded a hundered fold.

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  1. Proactive, engaged players are the best. Sometimes I feel like PCs can be too passive, as if they are afraid to "go off the map" or expect you - the GM - to provide all of the entertainment. Like you said, I love it when PCs take some ownership of the campaign and work to make it their own.