Friday, January 13, 2012

Commence Primary Ignition

The Core is coming to G+. Submitted my game to Constantcon this very night. My mega dungeon has been in production for 3ish years now and i think i only have the first two levels completed.

My game world is Aldraazar of HackMaster 4E fame.

See the big Island right above the word big? Thats where i base my campaign.
The Core is on the southern most isle in the bottom left corner square.

The Kingdom of Raga is based on the Island of Ragen. With the Core on its northern shore. Some how the Core draws things...from this world and beyond. It radiates a siren song that can pull people and items from across the Teraverse.

Most travlers wishing to delve the infested tunnels and caverns of the Core meet in the Last Chance Inn.
The Inn is a three story affair with timber and stucco construction. White washed with a thick thatched roof that seems to bow in the center, the Inn is an inviting and busy place. All maner of travelors and vagabonds gather to plumb the Core or try to fleece those who have. 

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