Saturday, September 10, 2011

Time flies

Over a month has snuck by since i last posted. To those who are paying attention...
I graduated, studied and passed both A+ tests, and failed my CCNA test.. (sigh) Job seeking in full swing now.

Pondering the dynamics of high level play for awhile now. The fact that the fantasy exploration genre was based on limited resources, and that at high levels the problem pretty much go's away.
This makes high level play more an exercise in who can trick or gain surprise over who. Most foes can be completely dominated in a single round by a well rounded party. Even dragons become xp/treasure grab bags. The game master has to create convuluted encounters or design groups that make little sense.

Can the problem be fixed?
Ryan Stoughton came up with an idea called E6. Where levels stop at 6th and beyond that the players can only gain "feats" (idea was developed for 3E).
Giving this some thought i rather like his idea. The challenge is how to translate this to a game based on C&C.

More of the unique weapons list...

Thompson, throwing dagger. On a successful hit a duplicate will appear in its owners hand to be thrown next round, this cloning will continue until the thrower misses. Duplicate knives vanish after the combat.
Heel Jack, sword with a spiked pommel. On command it will dance and fight foes as directed by its owner.
No, cursed dagger. Anyone holding this weapon and preparing to strike from surprise will cause the blade to yell out “NO you will not stab them in the back in such a cowardly fashion!”
Day Bringer, Bow shoots arrows of light, bane vs undead +1d6 damage.

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