Monday, September 12, 2011

Sculpity, minis on the cheap.

Fantastic little product sold through craft stores and some hobby shops... Sculpity!
Its a modeling clay that you mold then bake it to harden it. Its great for making those odd figures you can not find or afford. A large brick of the stuff costs less then ten dollars. You can make an amazing ammount of minis out of a single brick.
Some time ago we had a mini making night. Everyone made some figs from sculpity and we baked them. I am no artist, but i am the only one with fig painting experiance so i painted them all. Had some help on the easier figs with base coating. The results are i think pretty fantastic for a bunch people with little artistic skill.

Here are some examples....

thats a Roper, 2 carrion crawlers with out legs... (legs are hard) and an Otyough. All unpainted, after baking.

And here they are after painting.

Here is a purple wurm , with a painted mini for scale. the fig is a Reaper model.

Finaly i think this is the last of the unique weapons...

Gnort fralick, ogre for kidney tickler. Adds one extra die of damage on back stabs.
Life drinker, sword of limited vampiric regeneration. On a successfully damaging strike the weapon will heal its wielder 1d6 points.
Bile Spew, blade of torture. A successful strike forces a save vs con or victim vomits for two rounds -4 to hit and ac is 2 lowered.
Arcanus, the spell blade. Can hold a single spell of 1st to 3rd level, as a ring of spell storing. Energy stored in the blade will dissipate harmlessly after a week.
Spark Shower, hammer on a natural roll of 20 causes a spark shower to strike the foe hit causing an extra 1d6 damage.

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